Timberlake Baptist Internship

Goal of the Internship

Within the framework of the local church, God charges pastors with the joyous responsibility of training “faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” (2 Timothy 2:2)

We believe the Biblical model for training “faithful men” is apprenticeship—this was the method that Paul employed with men like Timothy and Titus.  Apprenticeship capitalizes on the dynamic of a life on life discipleship relationship wherein men teach men to walk with God.  It also provides an environment for those who are called by God to come under the guidance and individual training of those who are experienced elders — Apprenticeship facilitates the joy of pastors producing pastors.

 We desire to train a cohort of faithful men through the rigorous exercise of acquiring, analyzing, and applying the truth of Scripture to personal life and pastoral ministry.

 In addition to this intentional training we also want to provide a model of Biblical ministry for the interns to observe, interact with, participate in and follow (Phil. 3:17). Interns will have four primary interactions during the course of the program:

  1. With the Pastors
  2. With the Scripture
  3. With the Church
  4. With the Cohort

One of the defining objectives of the program is to influence men in the direction of a Text-Driven Theology, Philosophy of Ministry, and Practice by creating an environment in which interns can observe and discuss the biblical and practical dynamics of local church ministry.

Text-Driven Theology

Specific areas of doctrine have been chosen because of their vital connection with the ministry of the pastor and the life of the church.

 The Gospel                                              Biblical Evangelism

Biblical Hermeneutics                    Expository Preaching

Ecclesiology                                            The Role of a Pastor

Church History                                      Missions

Biblical Worship

Text-Driven Philosophy

Philosophy is a set of ideas or beliefs relating to a particular field or activity; an underlying theory; a system of values by which one lives. A proper philosophy grows out of Biblical theology.  To say it another way, theology drives philosophy and it must not be any other way.  To that end, we desire to help men develop a Text-Driven Philosophy of Ministry in order that God’s work may be done God’s way.

Text-Driven Practice

God exalting ministry flows from an intentional philosophy grounded in a Biblical theology.  Interns will both observe and participate in the ministries of Timberlake Baptist Church.  Through the process of supervised exposure and experience, they will develop an understanding of how to minister with humility and competence.

To accomplish this, we will guide and encourage the process of personal inquiry.  Inquiry is not the product of an open mind that absorbs information, rather a trained mind that compares information with Biblical truth and reaches proper conclusions.  Success in inquiry requires that men be trained in critical thinking.  To that end, we desire to train men to think critically through a four-fold process:

  1. READ:  Books will be assigned that deal with vital issues written by a variety of godly men throughout church history.
  2. THINK:  Principles of critical thinking will be applied to the reading.
  3. WRITE:  Response papers will be written to reflect on reading and assignments.
  4. DISCUSS:  The cohort will come together with ministry leaders to discuss what has been read and written.

Time of the Internship

Internships last five months and are available twice yearly: January-May and July-November.

Qualifications for the Internship

Internships are open to:

  1. Men, 18 or older, who are seeking to clarify or prepare for the call to ministry.
  2. Members of Timberlake Baptist Church.
  3. Members from outside Timberlake must affirm our doctrinal position and be recommended to the internship by their pastor.
  4. Those who complete the application process.

Expectations of the Interns

  1. The Cohort of Interns will meet once, weekly, for 3 hours.  The ministry leaders, along with invited guests, will meet with the interns to discuss issues related to the Scriptures, the church and the ministry.
  2. Interns are expected to meet with and interview each pastor, several staff members and deacons, and a variety of church members.
  3. Interns are expected to be in attendance at all services (regular and special), staff meetings, ministry excursions (as assigned), weddings, funerals, and assigned pastoral visits.
  4. Interns are expected to complete a rotation through all Timberlake ministries serving at least one week in each.
  5. Each intern will be expected to read 10 assigned books and write 10 Response Papers, complete 5 Sermon Reviews, and write a Final Paper describing what was gained through the internship.
  6. Successful completion of the internship is based on faithful attendance with the cohort, adequate completion of the assignments and participation in ministry.
  7. For each of these expectations, clear guidelines and adequate details will be given in writing and discussed in the first cohort.

Ministry Opportunities for the Interns

The internship is not designed primarily to provide Timberlake’s ministry with personnel, but rather provide the interns an opportunity for exposure and experience in ministry under the supervision of a shepherd.  During the program, each intern will be assigned to one ministry leader (as a supervisor) and work with several others.

Additional Benefits of the Internship

  1. Timberlake will provide books and resources to each intern that will be excellent additions to their pastor’s library.
  2. For those who need housing during the internship, Timberlake is prepared to offer housing on a limited basis and with pastoral approval.