Boundless: College & Singles Ministry of TBC

Welcome to the College & Singles Ministry of Timberlake Baptist Church!  We gather each week on Sunday mornings in the old aduitorium at 9:15 am for a time of singing and Bible teaching.  Our supreme goal is to please Christ by discipling college students and young adults to maturity in Him.  According to Scripture, growth in Christlikeness happens in a variety of ways.  In Boundless, we emphasize three of the most fundamental:

Clear, Biblical Teaching

There is nothing in the world more awe-inspiring, transforming, and humbling than to be exposed to Jesus Christ.  All Scripture concerns him, and it's our desire to make him knwon in all his radiant glory.  He is full of wisdom and joy.  His commands are not burdensome, but provide life.  So, in Boundless, we want to expose you to Jesus through the expositional teaching of his word.

Honest Friendships

As important as it is to know the Scriptures, that's not the only avenue for growth.  God desires to use others to help you become more obedient to Jesus.  We need friends who know us deeply, pray for us, encourage us, confront us, and stick with us.  And we need to learn to be those kinds of friends.  So, in Boundless, we aim to help you cultivate truthful friendships with others.

Integration into the Church Body

As a college ministry, Christ desires us to help you integrate into the larger church body.  He wants you in relationships with those older and younger than you, and he expects you to use the gifts he's given you to serve those around you.  So, in Boundless, we want to help facilitate this.  You'll be encouraged to pursue church membership (or watch-care), join a small group, and contribute to the ministry of the church.

We would love to have you join us

Clay Mackie, College Ministry Leader