Theological Distinctives

Four primary distinctives permeate every facet of the ministry at Timberlake:  the sufficiency of Scripture, the power of the gospel, the lordship of Christ, and the centrality of the local church.

Sufficiency of Scripture:  We are committed to a high view of Scripture.  Not only do we believe that Scripture is inspired, inerrant, authoritative, but we also believe that it is absolutely sufficient to bring about justification and sanctification (2 Timothy 3:16-17).  This confidence in the sufficiency of Scripture drives our passion for expository preaching.

Power of the Gospel:  We believe that the gospel is the life giving source by which the Holy Spirit regenerates those who are spiritually dead (Romans 1: 16).  For this reason, we believe that our responsibility in evangelism is to present the gospel clearly and then call the unredeemed to repentance and faith in Christ.

Lordship of Christ: 
We believe in the Lordship of Jesus Christ over all. Consequently, everyone born from above will bear good fruit and the one who does not bear good fruit evidences that he/she has never been born from above.   Thus, while works have no part in justification, they do reveal the validity of one’s faith.

Centrality of the Local Church:  We believe a committed life in the church is necessary for three reasons: (1) Christ ordained it and said it will never fail. (2) The local church is the context in which God sanctifies His people (Eph. 4:16). Therefore, integration of the believer into the local church is a requisite for his/her growth. (3) The local church is the vehicle by which God intends to make and mature disciples in this community and around the world.