Timothy Keith Boyer
TBC & TCS Maintenance

Tim has been attending Timberlake since he was very young.  He grew up in Rustburg, and as a young man started working in his family's drywall business.  He worked for his dad for about 10 years.   Then, at age 15, he began participating in the TBC music ministry as a pianist and vocalist and soon began serving as the church's primary accompanist.  At 17, he took an hourly position on the maintenance/custodial staff at Timberlake.  After several years of maintenance work at TBC, Tim ventured into his own drywall business. Some time later, he rejoined the church staff and is now serving as the Maintenance Technician for the church and the school. He also manages the audio/video booth for all of Timberlake's church services.

Tim and his wife Kari have four children:  Cassidy, Adam, James, and Laney.