Women's Conference 2017 - With the Master In Fullness of Joy

October 6th & 7th

Have you lost your joy? Has your Christian life become a daily hum-drum? If so, have you stopped to ask yourself why?  As we consider the theme for this conference, With the Master in Fullness of Joy, we will consider three areas that might be hindering our joy—our heart, our circumstances and our thought life.




When: Friday 5:45pm-9:00pm | Saturday 8:00am-2:45pm
Where: Timberlake Baptist Church
Who: Susan Heck
Cost: $40, $15 Teen Track, $20 Friday Only, $20 Saturday Only


About Susan Heck

Susan Heck will be our guest speaker.  She and her husband Doug have been married for 41 years. Susan has been involved in Women’s Ministries for about 38 years. This included teaching Bible Studies, counseling, and heading up Ladies with the Master women’s ministry at Grace Community Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Susan is a certified counselor with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors.  She is also the author of With the Master Bible study series for ladies, A Call to Discipleship, as well as Putting-Off Life Dominating Sin,  A Call to Scripture Memory and Assurance: Twenty Tests for God's Children.
susan heck